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SIP Trunking

Connect your PBX to our VoIP network and take advantage of our high quality international termination and DID phone numbers. With Holiday Numbers you get the reliability you need at a great price.

SIP Termination

Holiday Number offers high quality SIP termination at a great price. We offer free advanced features and web based management interface with the reliability you need to focus on your business, not phone service provider.


Telemarketing companies will save cost on all their calls and data termination using the Holiday Numbers VoIP account. We offer support of multiple phone lines, integration with Asterisk, IP PBX, VoIP-GSM Gateway and other types of phone systems.

Business Plans

Connect your Cyber Cafe, Call Shop or Calling center to the Holiday Numbers VoIP network and you can enjoy discounted calling and the billing system you need so you can bill in Real Time. We offer up to 35%  discount off these low rates and support your existing VoIP device.

Business Unlimited / Toll Free Unlimited

Holiday Number offers a Business Phone Line with unlimited calls to the Europe, UK, US and Canada. The plan includes a DID phone number from any Europe, UK, US/Canada location. This can be combined with the Holiday Numbers Prepaid Call Credit to allow International Calls billed at the per minute rate of the International destination. Toll Free numbers available for registered businesses only.

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Telephone Pre-paid Calling Card

Holiday Numbers Prepaid calling card allows you to service a wide range of customers from a single call card user, to a large enterprise environment. We offer you the flexibility to purchase a variety of prepaid calling card and we offer discounts for volume purchases, we can give you the ability to generate your own private labelled calling card at your own price. Our systems allows you to establish service for customers online and in real time.

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Reseller / Distributor

Why not join our list of growing resellers and discover the power and profitability of the Holiday Numbers Resale Program!

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Telephone Billing Solution

Find out how Call Management solutions can help you gain visibility of performance, utilisation and cost control of your voice communications. Discover available reports, see product demos and find further information.                                                    Learn more……….