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Give your business a competitive edge without the headache of investing in a PBX, given an enterprise impression on your customers with a virtual receptionist, toll free numbers, advanced greetings, and customisable voicemail. Never miss a call with Holiday Numbers HostedPBX features. Inbound calls can be set to reach you at any location, whether in your office, on your mobile, or even at your home. Advanced call screening features ensure that critical calls reach you no matter where you may be at a very low price. We are cheaper than the big names in the market

A Typical Office Setup using Holiday Numbers Gateway

Get a US, Canada or United Kingdom Toll Free number for your business, and receive calls anywhere you connect to the Internet. Add a toll free number to your Pay-as-you-go account or any of our monthly plans per month.Toll free numbers are sold to registered businesses only. Geographic numbers are not restricted.

1. Never change your phone number again, take your phone with you where ever you go.
2. Receive toll free calls from the US and Canada or the UK without cost to the caller.
3. Conduct business as if you were located in North America or the United Kingdom.
4. Never miss a call again, receive calls worldwide wherever you connect to the Internet or route your calls to your land phone or mobile/cell.

Geographic numbers are telephone numbers that are specific to a town or city location. In the UK a local telephone number for Manchester for example would start 0161, Bristol 0117, in the USA for example California would start 0408, New York City 0646, South Africa – Capetown 0272, and so on for other countries too.

Web callback calls your phone and then connects you to your destination. With Callback Management solution, our users can initiate long-distance calls using a variety of origination methods, thus offering an alternative to costly outbound long-distance rates for your technicians and field workers.

Supported origination methods are:

The main idea of callback is that when user A wishes to have a phone conversation with user B, he does not make an outgoing call to B (as he would do with normal telephony service); instead:
• He initiates a callback call through our web interface
• The system establishes a call to A, so instead of originating the call A actually answers it
• The system establishes a call to B and then bridges the two calls together, so A and B can hear each other

With Holiday Numbers we have integrated your e-mail, SMS, Fax, voicemail, video messaging, and conferencing etc. technologies into a single interface, accessible from a variety of different devices, i.e.. Your mobile phone, your computer or your ATA device. While traditional communications systems delivered messages into several different types of stores such as voicemail systems, e-mail servers, and stand-alone fax machines, with Holiday Numbers Unified Messaging all types of messages are stored in one system. Voicemail messages, for example, can be delivered directly into the user’s inbox and played either through a headset or the computer’s speaker. This simplifies the user’s experience (only one place to check for messages) and can offer new options for workflow such as appending notes or documents to forwarded voicemail.

That is just the secret behind our success, because we are able to offer prices that our competitors can not give. Businesses are turning to Holiday Numbers to save on communication cost and lots of field engineers now register to use our facility while on foreign trips.

Call shop owners and Call card makers can get low wholesale rates on our services, and can re-sell them for whatever rate you like for those who use the service to originate calls, and more.

Our users have the access to use our soft phone on their desktop free, and can use our SIP facilities on their own SIP devices. There are no restrictions to which type of SIP device you can use on our network.

With the Holiday Numbers Hosted PBX there is no need for any server hardware at your location as we provide a web control panel to our Hosted SIP VoIP Switch.

Holiday Numbers Enterprise Hosted PBX is for all your unified communication needs. You can now get your email, voice mail and fax all in one box – your own Dashboard. If you get a call or fax, Hosted Virtual Assistant will answer and deliver the message to you via the medium of your choice.

The Hosted virtual (VoIP) PBX is a completely automated answering service capable of directing all of your incoming calls and faxes. This can manage extensions and messages; provide call transfer, call screening, conferencing and more. And since it is virtual, it doesn’t need a vacation and can handle hundreds of tasks at the same time. No more busy lines no more unanswered calls.

The Virtual Assistant features a single number for all your communications needs. One number that provides callers access to you according to your wishes; One number that provides you access to voice mail, fax mail and email; One number that provides you access to conferencing and long-distance services.

The Virtual Assistant will forward your calls to any telephone number you want to be reached, 24 hours a day anywhere on Earth. If you’re not sure which number you’ll be at, The Virtual Assistant can call all the numbers you’ve listed at the same time, and, if you’re sure you don’t want to be disturbed, The Virtual Assistant will forward all calls to voice mail.

The Virtual Assistant provides the capability of recording greetings off-line or through your telephone. Further, once saved, you can easily select which greetings you want to use.

The Virtual Assistant will give you the caller’s name so that you’ll have the opportunity to accept the call or send it to voice mail.

From any phone, anywhere in the world, The Virtual Assistant can connect you to up to 7 parties simultaneously. Whether the callers call you (meet me conferencing) or you call them (conference bridging).

The Virtual Assistant will accept all faxes and store them until you are ready to delete them. Further, it’ll forward them immediately and automatically to any fax number you desire or to an email address.

Caller-ID, call forward, call forward busy, call forward no answer, call waiting, call pickup, do not disturb, call tracing, and much more.

The Virtual Assistant gives you the opportunity to set your time of day when you are open for business and when your business is closed to customers or on holiday, you can set the behaviour of your telephone to suit your need.

From your control panel you can print out the call detail records which gives you all the call details, including cost to all location for all users under your account. These reports are downloadable for your record purpose.

This feature allow the user to forward to any SIP account such as Skype, Google or other SIP providers.

You can check your email/voice mail/fax all in one place.
Incoming faxes are automatically converted into a pdf and sent as an email.

Business Class Centrex – enhanced business-class phone auto-attendant typical of very large office phone systems.
Auto Attendants allow you to direct your customers to various parts of your organisations through easy to use menus. You can have different menus for different times of the day, such as open hours or closed hours.
Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) technology without any need for hardware at your site.

Standard features include call forwarding, caller ID, call waiting, call transfer, and other business class features i.e You can setup our personal numbers to ring friends, family and business contacts worldwide with no additional cost to the caller!!

The auto attendant, voice mail and other select unified messaging features are added to the personal number at no extra cost.
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