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Data protection
In compliance with the current Data Protection Act, any personal information provided will be used and stored solely for the legitimate purposes for which it was obtained and all the necessary measures will be taken to ensure that personal data is protected. Holiday Numbers will be responsible for this data and will use it for processing orders or requests for information about our products and will send you, by the most suitable means such as by e-mail, SMS or fax, information about our products, with the understanding that by sending your data, you expressly consent it being used for the above-mentioned purposes. Customer information necessary for processing orders is shared with our sister company Midleman Busy Bee UK Ltd.
Unless otherwise agreed, customers should complete all the data required in the forms. If any of the data considered necessary is not provided, Holiday Numbers may, depending on the case, not be able to process the request. All the information provided on our forms must be true, correct, complete and updated. Customers take responsibility for any negative consequences that could occur from providing us with false, incorrect, incomplete or out-of-date information. In the case that the company provides a special service which requires data to be handled in a different way, the specific data protection regulations for this type of service will apply as a matter of precedence, if they exist.

Right to access and alter your personal data
If you wish to exercise your right to access, alter, cancel or oppose the processing of your data for the above-mentioned purposes, you can make a request in writing to: Holiday Numbers UK,, providing proof of your identity as a customer.